Is it too outrageous a thought, that because I have a passion for the truth (what I like to call “the real”), a sincere appetite for accountability, that a word spoken at the right time, in the right place, could set off a wave of reaction that would actually make humanity think? That there exists truth in such a transferable form that we could make conscious choices that defines out of the grey a black and white clarity that brings resolve and not more cover up. Why is it that although we have had partisan regime changes that the issues do not get resolved they just keep reshuffling the same deck? Accusations get made, and no follow through gets performed. I enjoy intelligent communication and a good talk show host, but why is it always the same story? Rouse up Americans on a particular issue, get them down right angry, proving or suggesting content, that goes only as far as the ratings. This is political “mambo-jumbo”! Work up the writhe of a good fire dance, but send everyone home after the show with just a few snapshots for the fridge! I was thinking I am not the only one frustrated with the word, “CHANGE”, but be clueless on its current definition? Well, I am here to say, if business as usual is what you want, then keep voting in partisan politics. If resolve is what you would like, then further we need to talk. Unions have kowtowed to the government trade of American born business and executive choices have sought for finer bottom lines. The exchange of creative cost analysis to lower visual profits verses the administrative payroll overload of the local union headquarters is a vicious cycle of the cup and ball game. Growing up in Detroit and Dearborn came with certain expectations. We would either get out of high school and go work for a plant and be happy with long hours, overtime pay , and a potentially great tan from playing Frisbee in the parking lot, or we would go to school, become an engineer, work for the then “Big Three”, and make great pay , and get our one month paid vacation to potentially get a great tan? This was the 70’s! The eighties changed that with electronics from Japan, China, India, and Mexico. The 90’s was spent covering up the lies of the eighties and we crossed into the 21st century with the roller coaster losses that have yet to completely expose themselves. But I can show glimpses of Michigan that are slowly and continually rotting away, community after community, with foreclosures, vacant industrial blight, cities on the brink of bankruptcy, empty schools, and American graffiti decorating places that only thought it was a movie! We hear the word “jobs” and it is expected government handout? We hear the word “work” and it is some generational threat? We hear the word “debt” and we think this is how you become successful! We hear the words “financial freedom” and we wonder who is going to war? Normal is broken in the worse way, from education to ethics, benefits to business, and consciousness to creativity. The ABC’s are becoming an ancient nursery rhyme and Ritalin, Vicodin, and Wellbutrin nursery room dispensaries, Wake up America! There is a greater truth here revealing itself. Who declares the testing, standardization, and expectations of 28 students in a classroom from southern California is “NORMAL”? We hear screaming for individual rights while individuality is squelched! How about business, banking, and insurance? How about the NSA,IRS,FDA, AMA, & FEMA? What about veterans that cannot find gainful employment or benefits that have value, or psychological detoxification of combat and culture? Do we really want talk about the lottery, gas prices, stock exchange, healthcare and retirement plans? I am telling you normal is broken and I plan to work on getting it fixed! Let’s keep talking!